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Felice Dee is pleased to offer the finest lens options, and is experienced with filling complex prescriptions, including progressives and prisms. The knowledgeable staff guides its clients to the right lens choice based on their prescription requirements and lifestyle needs.

Felice Dee understands the unique needs of its clients and works with them to find the right optical solution. Clients have come to Felice Dee Eyewear in search of solutions to play sports, read sheet music, or study architectural plans. Whatever the task at hand, Felice Dee is committed to finding the best lens solution for you.

Felice Dee carries premium quality brand name progressive lenses. Hoya progressives are made in Japan and offer clients a larger middle range which is ideal for heavy computer use. The unique Hoya design process results in an easier transition between near and far, and eliminates the swimming sensations commonly associated with progressive lenses.

Zeiss progressive lenses are made in Germany and are a more classic progressive lens. The lenses are easy to adapt to, and offer smooth transitions from near to far.

In addition, Felice Dee offers a wide range of sunglass and fashion tint options that are both stylish and functional. Polarized and photochromic lenses, and anti-reflective coatings are also available.

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